Since adopting the Zero Waste lifestyle, my life and that of my family has completely changed, for the better. We not only feel happier, we lead more meaningful lives, based on experiences instead of stuff.
Today, my goal is to shatter pre-conceptions associated with the Zero Waste lifestyle and share what we have discovered about its incredible health, financial and time saving benefits. 


Tired of fiddling with packaging? Want to help the environment? Shopping the package-free aisles can also save you time and money, but only if you know where to find them! Our app, BULK, helps you eliminate packaging from your life by pointing to bulk food bins and liquid refills near you - and it lets you share the locations that you find with others. 

Available in iTunes App Store and Android Market


- Search, add and rate bulk locations, including selection available and whether or not reusable containers are permitted
- Locate businesses closest to you or an address
- Narrow your search by bulk type (are you looking to refill on body care, dog food, wine?)
- Build a bulk-shopping kit through Zero Waste Home's store
- Consult a bulk food guide to learn how to prepare bulk food items
- Read Community Updates from